mpl_render(Eduard) Zoom into matplotlib imshow by providing a render callback
conflux-lisp(jr) lisp utilities for making video games
h5dedup(Eduard) h5dedup: deduplication via hdf5 symbolic links
cbork2cbor2 fork
staticsubset(Eduard) symlink generator for static web server
generic_escape(Eduard) A simple library for escaping and unescaping strings
darklight(Eduard) dark/light theme switching for xfce with configuration changes to various apps
conflux(jr) utilities for making video games
hydraHydra: the fossil multiplexer
gpio3(Eduard) comfy yet reasonably efficient GPIO interface for python3
cgc(Eduard) conveniently good containers -- LXC for the lazy
simple_lets_nfsn(Eduard) Let's Encrypt for nearlyfreespeech
dumpsterhappy diving
redpenpal(Eduard) Assistant application for marking (using LyX); BETA software
for_your_eyes_only(Eduard) A (hopefully) Van Eck phreaking resistant text and image viewer.
academics(Eduard) My course notes and other academics stuff