eduard/import_profileprofile your Python imports' CPU and memory usage
eduard/rosubfixfix romanian diacritics
michaeldo/cscc63Lyx documents for CSCC63 lecture notes
eduard/misakiCode formatter and linter management tool
eduard/furudefurude monitoring system (not actually written, just docs lol)
michaeldo/django-unrangedHTTP range header support for Django
eduard/vc-workshop-slides-2020-02-12Slides for version control workshop
eduard/pyamdcovcControl AMD GPUs from Python using AMDCOVC utility
eduard/ecdcfgworst shell setup ever
eduard/strictpdftableDumb (by design) and configurable table parser using `pdftotext` from poppler-utils
eduard/bibsubsetExtract a subset of one or more bibtex libraries
eduard/hydracClient for Hydra site API
eduard/paranoid-userjsparanoid user.js for Firefox
eduard/usbsosLive USB for remote assistance
eduard/mpl_render(Eduard) Zoom into matplotlib 1D and 2D (imshow) plots by providing a render callback
eduard/vc-workshop-201805(Eduard) vc-workshop-201805
jr/conflux-lisp(jr) lisp utilities for making video games
eduard/h5dedup(Eduard) h5dedup: deduplication via hdf5 symbolic links
eduard/cbork2cbor2 fork
eduard/staticsubset(Eduard) symlink generator for static web server
eduard/generic_escape(Eduard) A simple library for escaping and unescaping strings
eduard/sqlalchemy_canadian_nutrient_file(Eduard) sqlalchemy_canadian_nutrient_file
eduard/darklight(Eduard) dark/light theme switching for xfce with configuration changes to various apps
jr/conflux(jr) utilities for making video games
eduard/hydra(Eduard) Hydra: the fossil multiplexer
eduard/gpio3(Eduard) comfy yet reasonably efficient GPIO interface for python3
eduard/cgc(Eduard) conveniently good containers -- LXC for the lazy
eduard/simple_lets_nfsn(Eduard) Let's Encrypt for nearlyfreespeech
eduard/dumpsterhappy diving
eduard/redpenpal(Eduard) Assistant application for marking (using LyX); BETA software
eduard/for_your_eyes_only(Eduard) A (hopefully) Van Eck phreaking resistant text and image viewer.
eduard/academics(Eduard) My course notes and other academics stuff